Drinking water safe hose

Goodall is specialized in hoses for drinking water, for industrial purposes and in the food and beverage industry.

Safety of water hose for drinking water

Goodall hoses for food and beverage are very suitable as drinking water safe hose. Water safe hoses are used as a transfer for water, milk juices, drinks, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 

When you need drinking water, safe hoses are important

It is important that drinking water hoses are produced according to strict specifications to ensure the safety of the consumer. That is why special care has been taken regarding the:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Material choice
  • Transportation
  • Storage

Drinking water safe hose in different options and sizes

At Goodall, we understand that sometimes you need more than delivery from stock. Besides that, we realise custom made hoses for drinking water that fit your needs and specifications. You can find water hoses on our website.

Other markets at Goodall

Hoses are needed in different kinds of markets. We deliver special hoses for industries like:

More information about our drinking water safe hose

For inquiries or more information about drinking water safe hoses, please fill out our contact form or find a Goodall® supplier near you. You can use this form for questions about our customized food grade hose solutions as well.

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