Fuel hose fittings

Goodall® Hoses offers a wide variety of high quality fuel hose fittings, which are suitable for different industries. You can purchase the fuel hose fitting online or in store at one of the Goodall® distribution centers near you.

Selecting the right fuel hose fitting

The fuel is transferred from the tank to the fuel pump by a hose. To make sure this is sealed perfectly we offer a wide variety of fuel hose fittings. Goodall® Hoses can advise you which fuel hose fitting is best suitable for your application. 

Fuel hose fitting number one choice for engineers

The fuel hose fitting is specially build to have constant contact with gasoline. For this reason it can be used for a huge variety of fluids and is common in industries where fuel hose fittings are demanded with high expectations. 


We also have a full program of industrial fuel hoses and oil hoses according the European EN1761:1999 norm where electric conductivity is an important topic.

The fuel hose fitting can be used for different kinds of fuel like:

  • Grease
  • Gasoline
  • Petroleum oils
  • Kerosene
  • Dispensing diesel fuel 

Do you need advise to choose the right fuel hose fitting? 

The different sizes can make it difficult to choose the right fuel transfer hose. Our hose specialists can help you find the best suitable fuel transfer hose for your application. 

Goodall® specialist in fuel hose fittings

Goodall® is since over a 100 years the premier in the industries of fuel hose fittings. Over time we have grown to be one of the most respected fuel hose fittings suppliers worldwide, by delivering superior quality, value and building trust with our customers. Nowadays, you can find our fuel hose fittings on equipment in various industries all over the world. 

More about fuel hose fittings

For more information about where to buy fuel hose fittings, go to our contact page. Here you can also find information about how to contact us for questions about fuel hose fittings and customized hose solutions.

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