Food grade hose

Goodall® has produced the gold standard in industrial hose solutions for over 100 years. Over the years Goodall® has build a large track record in delivering the food industry with food grade hoses. 

Food grade hose products that meet high standards

From offices worldwide we provide wineries, breweries and other food and beverage industries with food grade hoses that meet many international standards, such as FDA, USDA, EN1935/2004 and 3A.

We like your challenge

Goodall® offers the most most innovative and quality industrial hose products on the market. We are continuously in contact with our clients and match our hose solutions to their applications and expectations, however challenging they may be.

Customized food grade hose

Are you looking for a food grade hose for a special application? Let us know. We are your partner in innovative new developments and customized food grade hose solutions. We offer customized solutions for all your food grade hose challenges! We engineer all your hose solutions to your needs. 

International food grade hose product standards

Goodall® develops a wide range of food grade hose products according many international standards, such as:

  • FDA
  • USDA
  • EN1935/2004
  • 3A

Goodall®: more than food grade hose products

Besides food grade hose products we offer a wide range of hoses for agricultural, chemical, mining, oil and gas and construction uses. 

Why Goodall® for food grade hose products?

  • Superior quality
  • OEM products 
  • Longstanding customer relationships
  • Superior engineering
  • Proprietary compounds
  • Meticulous manufacturing
  • Market focused solutions
  • Environmental sustainability
  • High performance hoses with a low lifetime cost
  • Multinational distribution network

Food grade hose for wineries and breweries

Our vintage food grade hose has flexible suction and a discharge hose. Therefore it is often used in wineries, breweries and other food and beverage industries. In addition this food grade hose is equipped with a tasteless and odorless tube. The food grade hose is resistant to high temperatures up to 266°F/130°C (when used in steam cleaning for a maximum of 30 minutes). 

Advantages of food grade hose

  • Tasteless 
  • Odorless
  • Large temperature range:  -40°F to +230°F and -40°C to +110°C
  • Can be used in steam cleaning applications
  • Extremely good bending radius
  • Crush and kink resistant design

More information about our food grade hose

For inquiries or more information about our food grade hose, please fill out our contact form or find a Goodall® supplier near you. You can use this form for questions about our customized food grade hose solutions as well.

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