Compressor air hose

Goodall® has produced the gold standard in industrial hose solutions for over 100 years. During those years Goodall® has build a well-known track record in delivering compressed air hoses.

Goodall® offers a wide range of compressor air hoses

We offer a range of compressor air hoses for specific industries such as mining, rental & construction and the OEM / machine building industry. Our compressor air hoses can be divided into two groups: the single purpose and multi purpose hoses. The single purpose compressor air hose can be used in air applications only. However the multi purpose hose can be used for multiple applications such as air, water and oil.

Compressor air hose

We offer several different types of compressor air hoses, for medium-duty and heavy duty compressed air. Depending on the industry and the circumstances it's used in, Goodall® selects the hose that suits your application. 

Compressor air hose for medium-duty use

For medium-duty use in construction sites we often recommend our 'Defender' air compressor hose. Which is ideal for the transfer of high-temperature air. Read more about the Defender compressor air hose.

Compressor air hose for heavy-duty use

For heavy-duty compressed air, which is used in mines, construction and quarries, we recommend the "Hardrok" or the "Super Hardrok 2". Read more.

Multi purpose hoses

The multi purpose hoses can not only handle compressed air, but also water. These hoses are often used under moderate operating conditions in general industrial markets.

Introducing the Multiserv

The 'Multiserv' hose is an example of our multi purpose hoses. It can be used for hose handling compressed air, water, oil, diesel and other petroleum based products (besides fuel). Read more about the Multiserv.

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For more information about any of our compressor air hoses, please go to our contact page. Here you can also find information about how to contact us for questions about our different hose solutions.

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