The secret of our powerful air hoses


There are air hoses in all kinds and sizes and we have them. A lot of mining and construction companies have trusted in the strength of our distinctive yellow Hardrok Air Hoses for many years. If you are active in these industries, our Hardrok Air Hoses are certainly not unknown to you. Why have our air hoses been trusted for almost 50 years? In this blog, we will tell you the secret of our powerful air hoses.

The history of our air hoses

The story of air hoses begins over 100 years ago, when the first industrial hose solutions were produced. Our first air hose was created in our Collingwood, Ontario factory 50 years later. Our mission was, and still is, to create strong hoses, with a long service life at the lowest possible cost. We can offer lower lifetime costs for all of our air hose solutions, through continuous improvements and our attention to detail. We are always looking for solutions that work, but above all, continue to work. Our specific attention to our products is indicative of the strong relationships we have with our customers.

Testing integrity

Worldwide, many rental, mining and construction companies rely on the power of our air hoses. The continuous testing of our air hoses plays an important role here. These tests have proved that our air hoses are the most powerful of their kind and are therefore very suitable for this industry.

We simulate the actual application mining and / or quarry environment conditions to test the integrity of our air hoses. This way, we understand the conditions the hoses are exposed to. For example, by performing different tests, we checked the results of the Hardok Air Hose after strong abuse by folding, kinking, and even crushing it. We will not stop with our tests and improvements until we can conclude:

“Even the fiercest construction work cannot affect GOODALL Air Hoses. They are as good as indestructible.”

The secret of our powerful air hoses

Because of the construction, our hoses have an almost indestructible power. Experience teaches us that the chance that hoses are failing increases when the body or reinforcement of a hose is spiraled or wrapped. We still even see these regular spiral constructions on the market. Because of this, the body of our air hoses consists of a braided construction, which ensures that the hose even performs under high pressure and extreme conditions.

Another special feature that supports the extreme performance of our Goodall air hoses is our proprietary nitrile compound we use for the tube and cover of our hoses. The material is extruded, which ensures a seamless tube that, over time, keeps its strength as well as its flexibility and resilience.

For every kind of use an intelligent air hose

For each application, we provide a suitable solution. For example, our well-known yellow Hardrok Air Hose is specially designed for use in rental, mining, quarrying, and construction. If a higher working pressure is required? Then choose the Super Hardrok Air Hose. We have also other reliable alternatives such as the Air King and Defender.Check out all our air hoses here.

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