Increased service of hydrocarbon drain hoses


Typically in North America, petrochemical companies will use metal hoses to drain hydrocarbons from the operation of steam-cleaning vessels, tanks and piping systems. A typical problem with metal hoses is pitting within the hose caused by the hydrocarbons, shortening the service life of the hose. When pitting corrosion occurs it is a clear sign of media incompatibility with the metal hose.

Compatibility is key

Compatibility is a critical element to ensure the longest service life of a hose in service. If the transfer medium is not compatible, the hose's inner layer may break down which will cause the hose to begin to break down and may start to leak. Selecting the right hose for the job is essential in preventing possible dangerous leaks and achieving the longest possible life of the hose. Goodall® has worked with major petrochemical refineries over the past years to develop a solution that is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Our solution: Duracrimp

Goodall has developed a rubber hydrocarbon drain hose in combination with the Goodall  Duracrimp® coupling system  for added safety for the operators. A total solution to transfer hydrocarbons, that ensures the longest possible hose service life for a lower lifetime cost. Manufactured, tested and sold as a total system solution.

The Goodall Super Dragon and Blue Dragon hydrocarbon drain has a rubber exterior, no more sharp wire injuries on the job from metal hoses and no more dangerous hydrocarbon permeation causing pitting. 

Blue covers increase safety of the user

In addition, the hydrocarbon lines (Blue Dragon and Super Dragon) can be easily distinguished with their blue covers, and bold stripped colours. Which is a great advantage, since operators deal with a large selection of hoses, for many different applications. This way, one can make sure that the hydrocarbon drain hose is not being used in the wrong application and does not contaminate other systems. In addition, the operators do no longer have to search for a suitable coupling for their application, and they can be certain that their safety is well-secured. 

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