• The secret of our powerful air hoses

    There are air hoses in all kinds and sizes and we have them. A lot of mining and construction com...

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  • Increased service of hydrocarbon drain hoses

    Typically in North America, petrochemical companies will use metal hoses to drain hydrocarbons fr...

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  • Winter season: selecting the right equipment

    When the thermometer plunges and snow and ice cover the ground, you know that the winter has...

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  • How to choose the right industrial hose in 7 steps

    A perfect match What makes an industrial rubber hose a perfect fit for every factory worker and ...

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  • Level up your industrial rubber hoses

    By proper care, inspection and testing One of the most discussed issues of today is sustainabili...

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  • The force of nature on industrial rubber hoses

    When thinking of industrial rubber hoses, most people think of hoses used inside. However, th...

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