Water suction hose

Welcome to Goodall Hoses, the number one supplier of water suction hoses. With various types of hoses, we can always find a water suction hose that fits your specific needs.

Which types of water suction hoses do we supply?

Just as in almost every other market, different customers require different products. That’s why we don’t supply only one water suction hose, we have multiple types in our range. An overview of our water suction hoses are:

  • Pulp King: this hose is the ideal solution for the pulp & paper and mining industry thanks to his high resistance to cold and warm water;
  • Green Papermill: this water suction hose is developed for wash-down applications in paper mills;
  • Alligator SD Flexoline: the special construction of this water suction hose makes it very light, extreme flexible and easy to handle;
  • Many more water suction hoses!

Water suction hoses at Goodall

With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing rubber hoses, Goodall knows what his customers want and need. Over the years, our customer's demands have changed, and so did our hose technology. The only thing that has not changed, is that all of our rubber hoses are custom blended with the best materials. With Goodall you are ensured of quality with low lifetime costs.

Other markets at Goodall

Goodall develops, manufactures and supplies hose products for different markets. Other than water suction hoses, Goodall also supplies hoses in the following markets:

Any questions for Goodall?

If you have a question for Goodall regarding one of our water suction hoses or one of our other products, please contact us! You can contact us by filling in the form on this page or by sending an email to: info@goodallhoses.com.

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