Industrial water hose

One of the products of Goodall® is the industrial water hose. We offer a wide variety of high quality industrial water hoses for hot and cold applications. You can purchase an industrial water hose online or in store at one of the Goodall® distribution centers near you.

Where is an industrial water hose used for?

Industrial water hose is used in many different industries. Mainly because the hose can connect a variety of equipment. The differences between other hoses and the industrial water hose is that this hose is very flexible. The flexibility makes this an excellent hose to use in complex situations. 

The industrial water horse perfect for all industries 

To make sure the demands of the different industries are reached an industrial water hose is produced in a way that they can meet these strict specifications. Special care is been taking into de production. From design, material choice, transportation and storage. An industrial water hose is available in a wide range of options and sizes. They also come in a range of different pressure and temperature specifications and can be resistance for chemical influences. 

Industrial water hose: number one choice 

Our industrial water hose is the number one choice for contractors who need a solutions for demanding situations. The type of industrial water hose determines the amount of pressure. A high quality industrial water hose can be used in different situations. The sort depends on a pressure that is needed. In addition it has a long lifespan and can last for a long time without cracking, leaking or breaking.

Customized industrial water hose

Is the industrial water hose you desire nonexistent? Don't worry. We can always adjust the length of the hose and customize it to your needs. We offer customized solutions for all your hose challenges! 

Questions about the industrial water hose? 

For more information about where to buy an industrial water hose, go to our contact page. Here you can also find information about how to contact us for questions and customized hose solutions.

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