Food grade water hose

Goodall® offers a full range of food grade hoses for food manufacturing and other applications.

All of our food grade hose products are developed and tested according to many international standards such as:

  • FDA
  • USDA
  • EN1935/2004
  • 3A

Introducing our food grade water hose: the Grey Guardian

Our food grade water hose, the Grey Guardian, is designed for low pressure steam applications. It is highly flexible and is resistant to kinking. We offer our food grade water hose with a built-on Goodall® nozzle. 

Temperature range of our food grade water hose

The food grade water hose can be used in extreme temperatures from --40°F to +366°F (-40°C to +185°C). Even under these extreme circumstances it offers high quality performance.

Material of the food grade water hose: EPDM

The tube of the food grade water hose is made out of extruded and heat-resistant EPDM material. As well as the cover, which is also made of EPDM due to its characteristics of ozone resistance. 

Standard and customized food grade water hose

The food grade water hose (Grey Guardian) comes in a standard lenght of 250 feet (76.2 meters). For different sizes you can contact us at …. We can always adjust the length of the hose and customize it to your needs. 

More about the food grade water hose

For more information about the Grey Guardian, our food grade water hose, or one of our other food grade hoses, please fill out our contact form call the Goodall® supplier near you. 

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