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Goodall® has done a lot of research during the past few years in the field of rubber steam hoses. Over the years we have improved the compounds and materials we use. Especially the rubber compounds of the tube and the cover has been drastically improved.

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To prevent damage, Goodall has designed two different Inferno steam hoses that are resistant to rust and popcorning and withstand heavy use. The Inferno ISO 6134-2A steam hose is braided with zinc-plated wire, increasing the corrosion resistance three times. The Super Inferno is our top steam hose and market leader. It beats other products with a safety factor that is much higher as the ISO standards.

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It is very important to work with the right steam hose to prevent dangerous situations. The steam hoses of Goodall are reliable and are high-pressure and saturated steam resistant:

  • no kinks
  • longer lifetime
  • saving energy
  • lighter in weight
  • eco-friendly due to Cr6 free couplings
  • the use of premium materials
  • ergonomic
  • no steam loss or leaking
  • no corrosion

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