Fuel transfer hose

Goodall® Hoses offers a wide variety of high quality fuel transfer hoses, which are suitable for different industries. You can purchase the fuel transfer hose online or in store at one of the Goodall® distribution centers near you. 

Selecting the right fuel transfer hose

The fuel transfer hose carries fuel from the tank to a fuel pump, filter and into the injection. The fuel transfer hose comes in different types. Which type you need depends on the industry and fuel sorts you use. Goodall® Hoses can advise you which fuel transfer hose is best suitable for your application. 

Applications of the fuel transfer hose

The fuel transfer hose is widely used among engineers who work with (alcohol-extended) gasoline and diesel. The fuel transfer hose is capable to have constant contact with gasoline and can therefore be used for a wide range of fluids. 

The fuel transfer hose can be used for different kinds of fuel like:

  • Dispensing diesel fuel 
  • Gasoline
  • Grease
  • Kerosene
  • Petroleum oils

Do you need help choosing a fuel transfer hose?

The different sizes and textures can make it difficult to choose the right fuel transfer hose. Our hose specialists can help you find the best suitable fuel transfer hose for your application. 

Contact us about our fuel transfer hose

For inquiries or more information about our fuel transfer hose, please fill out our contact form. It is also possible to contact a Goodall® distributor near you, they are happy to advise you and helping you select the fuel transfer hose that fits your needs. 

Customized fuel transfer hose

Goodall® serves customers for over 100 years and likes to share this experience with you. Is the fuel transfer hose you desire nonexisting? Don't worry. We can always adjust the length of the hose and customize it to your needs. We offer customized solutions for all your hose challenges! For more information about a customized fuel transfer hose please go to our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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