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For the best diesel fuel hoses, contact Goodall. We are a hose manufacturer with over a 100 years of experience.

About Goodall hoses

Goodall is not just an expert in diesel fuel hose manufacturing, we supply hoses in all shapes, sizes and for several applications. We are market leader in steam, lpg and anhydrous ammonia hoses. Goodall is a brand that is recognized worldwide, thanks to our unique products and our dedication to invest in relationships with our distributors.

Diesel fuel hose manufacturing at Goodall

Just as for every other market then the oil & petroleum industry, we deliver different types of products. We are determined to help you find the product that fits your needs. A grasp of our wide range of diesel fuel hoses:

  • Oilfield fracturing
  • Arctic blue fox
  • Arctic tuff
  • Tanker SD
  • Petra flo
  • More

All of these hoses are perfectly appropriate for transferring oil & petroleum while wasting as few resources as possible. All of our hoses are made with custom blended compounds, that’s why our hoses are the best. With superior engineering and very detailed manufacturing, our products will always fit your needs. With our eye for detail, we constantly adjust our product specifications to fit the changing demands of every customer, anywhere in the world.   

Not just an expert in diesel fuel hoses

Goodall is not only active in the oil & petroleum industry. With our knowhow, we have managed to provide hose technology for many applications, such as:

  • Air
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Food & Beverage
  • Gas & Vapour
  • Chemical

Thanks to our wide distribution network, we can keep on expanding our business and improving our products.

Any questions about diesel fuel hoses?

Having questions about specific type of diesel fuel hose or any other subject that concerns hosing technology? Please fill in our contact form or contact one of our locations in your area!

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