Submersible fuel hose

The submersible fuel hose which we offer at Goodall® comes in high quality and a wide variety. You can purchase the submersible fuel hose online or in store at one of the Goodall® distribution centers near you.

Ordinary fuel hose vs. submersible fuel hose

The difference between an ordinary fuel hose and the submersible fuel hose is that an ordinary hose is designed for the use of fuel on the inside only. The submersible fuel hose prevents damage from fuel from the inside and outside. Therefore, it can be used in gasoline tanks. In these tanks the hose is in constant contact with fuel from the outside of the hose. 

Submersible fuel hose: great results

Our submersible fuel hose is the number one choice for engineers who need great results with handling gasoline, alcohol-extended gasoline or diesel fuel.The submersible fuel hose is designed to manage constant contact with gasoline from the inside and outside. 

Submersible fuel hose can handle:

  • Gasoline and alcohol-extended gasoline
  • Ethanols 
  • Biodiesel or diesel fuel in fully-immersed 
  • Mobile and stationary applications 

What are the characteristics of a submersible fuel hose

The submersible fuel hose contains fluoroelastomer, which can resists gas permeation and aging. It therefore reduces costs which are involved with replacement of the fuel pump. Other specifications are: 

  • 100 psi working pressure
  • Aramid Fiber reinforcement
  • Exceeds the SAE 30R10 specification 
  • Maximum temperature +302˚ F (+150˚ C)

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