Mining hoses

Looking for a partner that is able to supply mining hoses in all shapes and sizes? Goodall Hoses offers hoses that are ideal for the mining industry. 

Hoses for every application

At Goodall, we supply mining hoses that fit your specific needs. We supply hoses in a variety of industries, under which the mining industry. After decades of experience, Goodall is now a brand that is recognized all around the globe. 

Mining hoses at Goodall and their application

Our mission at Goodall is to supply high performance mining hoses at a low-lifetime cost. The mining hoses we produce are available in different types:

  • Hardrok: this hose is ideal for the transfer of high temperature air
  • Super Hardrok II: this hose can also be used as a very robust oil transfer hose
  • Air King: this type of hose can be used for the transfer of tough water
  • Wear King: this hose is ideal for the transfer of highly abrasive dry materials, such as sand and pebble lime
  • Pulp King: the Pulp King is an ideal solution for the pulp & paper and mining industry

Characteristics of Goodall mining hoses

The name already says it: mining hoses. These hoses are used under extreme circumstances, so it is important that our hoses can endure these circumstances. What are some other typical characteristics of Goodall mining hoses?

  • Our mining hoses are very temperature resistant. Some of our hoses can endure temperatures of -40 °C to +131 °C (-40 °F to + 268 °F)
  • All our hoses are extremely flexible
  • Goodall’s mining hoses are designed to be kink-resistant
  • Some of our mining hoses are fitted with a conductive tube to ensure safe handling

In which markets is Goodall active?

Goodall is not only your number one manufacturer of mining hoses, we are active in many other industries, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Steel
  • Rental & Construction
  • Many more!

More information about our mining hoses

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