Chemical transfer hose

For your number one supplier of chemical transfer hoses, Goodall is the partner you are looking for. With over 100 years of experience in the hose manufacturing industry, Goodall can find a solution for almost every application.

Types of chemical transfer hoses at Goodall

Mainly because hoses are used for different applications, we manufacture different types of hoses. We also manufacture different types of chemical transfer hoses, such as:

  • Kemflex SD: ideal for applications in which static electricity can occur. The hose produced according the European standard EN12115.
  • Kemflex Steel Max: this chemical transfer hose is developed for loading and unloading between truck and storage tank
  • Solveco SD: flexible suction and discharge hose developed to handle chemical products such as acids, alkalis, esters and ketones. This hose is also produced according the European standard EN12115.

Different applications for chemical transfer hoses

The hoses that fit in the chemical and petrochemical market can be used for various applications. For example:

  • Steam applications
  • Gas applications
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Hydrocarbon drain applications
  • Anhydrous ammonia applications
  • And more

Other markets than the chemical and petrochemical market

With a history in manufacturing products for different markets all around the world, Goodall is recognized worldwide as a brand that always delivers quality. In close cooperation with our partners, we constantly make sure that our products meet the changing demands of the customers.

Sustainability at Goodall Hoses

Goodall is committed to environmental sustainability, through continued improvement and the prevention of pollution.

More about the chemical resistant hose

For more information about chemical resistant hoses or any other product Goodall manufactures, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us by filling in the contact form or by looking for a Goodall partner near you.

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