Chemical resistant hose

Looking for the best chemical resistant hose for chemical and petrochemical applications? Goodall offers a wide range of hoses for different purposes and different markets.

About Goodall Hoses

Goodall is not only an experienced manufacturer of chemical resistant hoses, we produce hoses for almost every application. For over a 100 years, we have been providing the gold standard for industrial hose solutions. We are the market leader in LPG, anhydrous ammonia and steam hoses. We develop high quality hoses with low lifetime cost.

Not only an expert in chemical resistant hoses

You can find Goodall products all over the world. Our products are well known for its great quality, due to the fact we have been custom blending our compounds for as long as we exist. Goodall aims at developing a hose solution that fits your requirements. Other than chemical resistant hoses, Goodall offers products for many systems, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas fracking
  • Rental and construction
  • Much more

Chemical resistant hose types

The first chemical resistant hose rolled of the line about 40 years ago. This type of hose has been the benchmark ever since. Most of our chemical resistant hoses are designed for use in chemical plants, ships or barge and tank truck services. A grasp of our products and their most characteristic aspects:

  • Kemflex: this braided construction is very flexible and resistant to kinking
  • Super Kemflex: this hose is lightweight and extremely crush-resistant
  • Kemflex Steel Max: resistant to permeation and product contamination
  • Acidkem D: ideal for applications in which static electricity can occur

More information about chemical resistant hoses?

For inquiries or more information about chemical resistant hoses, please fill out our contact form or find a Goodall® supplier near you. You can use this form for questions about other hose solutions as well.

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