Chemflex hose

More than 40 years Goodall® invented the special Goodall® Chemflex (Kemflex) hose. This Chemflex hose was the first hose specifically formulated for a broad spectrum of chemicals. 

Goodall® Chemflex hose: an industry benchmark

The latest version of our Chemflex hose is, nearly half a century later, still the industry benchmark. This due to the fact that our Chemflex hose it is not only the most resilient, but also the best-built chemical hose available.

Our Chemflex hose is available in three different types: 

  1. Chemflex hose
  2. Super Chemflex hose
  3. Chemflex Steel Max hose

1) The Chemflex hose

The Chemflex hose has a special braided construction which is very flexible and highly resistant to kinking. This Chemflex hose type can be used in open end steam applications (for a maximum of 30 minutes at 266°F/130°C). The formulated EPDM cover of the Chemflex hose ensures an excellent abrasion resistance. 

2) Super Chemflex hose - high performance, light weight

The Super Chemflex hose is especially useful for chemical transfer in plants, ship, barge and tank truck service. In comparison to the regular Chemflex hose the Super Chemflex hose is lighter due to the monofilament helix wire. 

3) Chemflex Steel Max hose

The Chemflex Steel Max hose is created for the loading and unloading between truck and storage tank. In addition to the qualities of the Chemflex hose the Chemflex Steel Max hose is resistant to permeation and product contamination. 

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Find the Goodall® Chemflex hose supplier for your industry and application near to you. Our Chemflex hose specialists are there to help you to select the right Chemflex hose solution for your application.

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