Ammonia hose

At Goodall, we help companies in different types of markets to find the hose technology they need. For example: the ammonia hose.

In which markets is the ammonia hose useful?

All our ammonia hoses are applicable in the agricultural market. All the ammonia hoses can be used for the transfer of anhydrous ammonia and are abrasion resistant. Our ammonia hoses have a minimum warranty of 6 years. 

Which types of ammonia hoses does Goodall supply?

Different needs require different products. That’s why we don’t just supply 1 type ammonia hose, but three. 

  • Super Long Life: the name speaks for itself: this ammonia hose focuses on a long life. This hose is developed for use with nurse tanks and in riser applications. The pro-rated warranty on this product is 10 years.
  • Rifleman: This hose is also for use with nurse tanks and in riser applications. This product is very easy to handle, flexible and lightweight. The warranty on this hose is 8 years. 
  • Century 2000: this low permeation, anhydrous ammonia transfer hose is developed for use with nurse tanks. This hose has a warranty of 6 years. 

Goodall’s other specialties

At Goodall, we do not only supply ammonia hoses. Some of the other markets in which we can be of service:

  • Food and beverage: Goodall manufactures many hoses that are all according to many international standards.
  • Rental and construction: In the rental and construction market, Goodall supplies many products, under which large bore water suction and discharge hoses and general service air and water hoses. 
  • Mining: For this specific market, Goodall supplies hoses that are extremely abrasion resistant. 
  • Many more!

Questions regarding our ammonia hoses?

If you’re having questions about our ammonia hoses or any other product Goodall supplies, please feel free to contact one of our locations! You can contact one of our locations by filling in the form on this page, or by contacting one of our partners in your area.

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