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A smart system for steam hoses


Innovation is important for us. Innovation keeps our product up-to-date and helps your production plant one step ahead of every possible problem. After all, every great invention begins with a problem and the best idea with a question. At Goodall, one of these questions began with steam. In this blog, we would like to tell more about how steam became a major problem for industrial hoses and how Goodall handled with it. From high pressure to high temperature and from safety to cost-saving solutions.

The danger of steam

When using steam during your production process, you’re actually working with a combination of pressure and temperature: the consistence of steam and also your very first risk. Secondly, most of the danger begins inside the tube of the hose, which is invisible from the outside. That’s why the damaging effects of steam to a hose and thus the worker itself, are highly underestimated.

How does steam affect the production process?

Inside the tube of a hose happens more than you may think. Although the space inside the hose is narrow, working with steam means working with water so any space causes enough (safety) problems.

An overview of what’s happening inside a steam hose:

  1. Condensation or vapor stays in the hose after every use and remains trapped. After that, when using the steam hose again the volume of the enclosed steam will grow with a factor of 1600! This is what is called ‘popcorning’.
  2. Metal bolts come free due to grip clamps or clamping plates.
  3. Corroded braids aren’t visible from the outside of the hose and can’t handle peak pressure any more, which will burst the hose.

GOODALL’s solution: the DuraCrimp system

Steam hoses with the DuraCrimp system are sustainable, cost saving and very safe. DuraCrimp is the reliable answer to every problem, danger or risk while working with steam. It’s an innovative system for steam applications which ensures a safe connection of the hose and the coupling. It can even stand temperatures of 232 °C/450°F, which is longer than any other steam hose.

A few more advantages of the Goodall DuraCrimp steam hoses:

  • longer lifetime
  • saving energy
  • eco-friendly due to Cr6 free couplings
  • the use of premium materials
  • lighter in weight
  • ergonomic
  • no steam loss or leaking
  • no corrosion
  • no kinks

A detailed overview of our steam-resistant hoses: 




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