The dangerous power of steam

To work safely with steam hoses, you must pay attention to common problems that might occur. Like popcorning and corrosion. We give you advice on how to avoid these problems and how to maintain them to raise their durability and safety!


During the use of steam hoses it is possible that water vapor is absorbed by the pores of the EPDM rubber inner wall of the hose. This is a damage and it’s called popcorning. After the use of the hose it cools down and condenses the steam into water. This remains in the hose. At the next use, this will expand considerably. The result: steam bubbles in the inner wall and damaged rubber. This pollutes the hose so that it can clog and eventually burst. This is highly dangerous for the user.


Drain After Use

Draining the hose after each use may slow damage from popcorning. In addition, you can choose to use a special steam hose from Goodall which is provided with an inner wall of specially compounded rubber. This hose is seamless and gas-tight so that water vapor does not come into the pores. Our Dura Crimp Super Inferno is ideal for this. This hose is specially designed to prevent popcorning.


Hoses that are suitable for steam are always fitted with steel inserts. The supply of steam through the hose will find its way to the outside by the inner wall of the hose. Here, the water vapor comes into contact with the steel inserts. The occurrence of corrosion is thereby possible. As with popcorning this is not visible from the outside. If the inserts are so weakened that the hose bursts, the hot steam is released. This allows dangerous situations for the user.

-inferno-iso-6134-steam-hose.png Preventing rusting inserts

To prevent rusting inserts it is important to use hoses with galvanized steel inserts. These are not susceptible to corrosion. Our Inferno ISO 6134 steam hose here is an excellent choice. The safety of the user is ensured and the life of the hose is greatly extended.


We know Steam

GOODALL knows steam. We have customers who have relied on it to get the job done for over 30 years. Our steam hose continues to be the industry benchmark as it evolves over time. GOODALL steam hose works—and keeps on working up to 4x longer in conditions where competing products fail. You can find more information about hose use and maintenance in the manual.

super-inferno.png Steam hoses that can withstand heavy use

The Super Inferno is both our top steam hose and the market leader. It’s proven to outlast competing products by as much as 4x. We’ve had an accredited laboratory subject our steam hose tube to 5400 hours of continuous steam rack testing and found no flaws or signs of wear. The Super Inferno has a proven safety ratio of 20:1



More information about steam hoses?

Feel free to contact Goodall for all your questions about our steam hoses. You can reach us through this number: +1 705-445-1551 or by e-mail: info@goodallhoses.com. For more documentation, check our resources.

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