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A closer look at the production of fruit juice


One of the most fascinating markets is the food industry. It’s worthwhile to have a closer look at the process from the raw to the final product. After all, when you’re talking about the production of food and drinks, you have to deal with a wide variety of ingredients. As example in this blog, we will tell how a lemon becomes lemonade, as well how Goodall makes it trouble- and care free.

How lemon becomes lemonade

Liquids and ingredients in the food industry are pumped, transported or sucked from machine to machine or application and even be mixed and added to another substance. All these ingredients have different characteristics which are processed under temperature and speed. Sugar syrup, for example, has been prepared by dissolving sugar in water. Then citric acid, chemical additions, flavors and other ingredients are mixed and stirred up until these ingredients disperse and a homogeneous mix is secured. Then the mix has been cooled to the desired temperature with dissolved carbon dioxide gas .

What food can do while manufacturing your product

All these production processes require hoses which can handle every modification and every ingredient. In spiraled hose, it’s common for moisture and food particles to get trapped within the bore of the hose or behind the coupling system. This leads to the growth of fungi and bacteria, which cause a health risk to the consumer. Another risk while producing food is the contact with rubber which can lead to rubber substances migrating into the food or beverage, changing taste and more importantly, a health risk.

Custom-made hoses for food and beverage

For the food industry, Goodall offers a variety of eight hoses. They wipe out every risk of bacteria or other forms of danger during production of food. We even have hoses which bounce back to its original shape, even after being run over by a truck. Each Goodall hose has its own value and is developed according to many international standards such as FDA, USDA, Bfr, EN1935/2004 and 3A which are safeguarding hygiene, sanitation and safety.

For a more detailed overview, take a look at our Food & Beverage page or download our interesting brochure.

“Producing food and beverage? When life gives you lemons, use Goodall hoses!”

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